Red Door Theatre

Vacation Camps

Every February and April vacation, one-week STaGE camps are offered for ages 8-15 or 5-9. Each 8-15 camp ends in the public performance of three shows complete with costumes, make-up, sets and theatrical lighting and sound that add a professional and polished look to each production. Each Junior Camp (ages 5-9) ends with a showcase of a short musical for family and friends.

The shows range from adaptations of classics such as The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz to original plays such as Westward Bound and The Sword and the Crystal.
The Junior Camps offered during vacation weeks are mini-musicals such as "Goin' Buggy!" and "It's a Jungle Out There!"

**We understand that these are hard times for everyone, but we hate to see kids miss out on camp. If you need to set up a payment plan in order to pay for camp, call us and speak to Lyle or Marilene. We'd be happy to do all we can to help. **

Read more about our camps on our S.T.a.G.E. Children's Theatre page!

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