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After School Theatre Camps

We offer two After School Camps a year - one in the fall and one in the spring. After School Camps run for six weeks and meet every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:45 to 5:45. At camp they learn acting techniques, play improv games, paint sets, design posters and program covers, work on creating a character and on producing a great show. At the end of the six weeks the actors put on a full scale production with costumes, sets, and make up.

These camps are open to young people 8 - 15 years old. (If your child is 8 years old, s/he must have attended at least one of our camps in order to attend these sessions.)

2018-2019 After School Camp Season

Runtlin's Rescue
by Lyle Pearsons
Oct 19 & 20 @ 7:30pm and Oct 21 @ 2:00pm
To make reservations call 413-789-2026
Tickets $10

When a timid gnome named Runtlin is picked on by the other gnomes - he decides to do something brave. Some trolls have stolen the Spirit Star - a token that the gnomes believe gives peace and harmony to the world. Runtlin is determined to get it back but it won't be easy - There are Snotzgirbals, the Draiths of Darkness and the Turable Trolls, who will do anything to keep Runtlin from rescuing the Spirit Star.

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