Red Door Theatre

Summer Camps

We offer seven or eight one week camps in the summer. Three of these camps are for children between 8 and 15, one is for children 10-15, and three of summer camps are dedicated to those between 5 and 9. Each camp with the older children ends in the public performance of four shows complete with costumes, make-up, sets and theatrical lighting and sound that add a professional and polished look to each production.

The shows range from adaptations of classics such as The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz to original plays such as Westward Bound and The Sword and the Crystal. Shakespeare, musicals, stories from popular books or movies as well as those based on other cultures are also common themes for the shows produced at theatre camp.

K&K (Kit & Kaboodle) STaGE Theatre camps are one of a kind run by professional directors.
It is not unusual for children participate in 15 to 30 of these remarkably affordable camps

Dearest Summer Camp Families,

We know that, just like us, you have been waiting to hear what will happen this summer. Taking into account the CDC and state guidelines for camps this summer, it will not be possible for us to provide the same experience we have always provided for your children. After a lot of thought and consideration, we have made the decision to cancel camp this summer.

Many of you know already that we are a small non-profit company. We have received some generous donations, via our website, from RDT families and alums. However, due to the current climate, we must go into hibernation at this point. This way we can cut as many expenses as possible during this difficult time.

We know you will have many questions. Hopefully most of them will be answered below.

What about your deposit?
If your child(ren) is registered for camp this summer, you will be receiving a separate email from us this week. Megan and Jaime will be taking one camp at a time in order to make sure every detail is attended to carefully. You will be presented with options for your deposit in that email.

Will we be back in the fall?
Just like everyone else, we can not say exactly when we will be reopening. We promise to keep you informed as we make decisions.

What about the 15 year olds?
Many 15 year olds were excited for their final bow this summer. If at all possible, campers who missed their final bow this summer will be more than welcome to join us next summer for their final camp. We would hate for them to miss it.

We know this announcement will cause a lot of disappointment among our campers. If it helps them to know it, we are deeply disappointed as well. It's hard to imagine a summer without them. Please know that their health and safety is our primary concern, always.

We love you. We miss you. We hope to see you soon.
Watch for emails and facebook events this summer!

RDT Staff

**We understand that these are hard times for everyone, but we hate to see kids miss out on camp. If you need to set up a payment plan in order to pay for camp, call us and speak to Lyle or Marilene. We'd be happy to do all we can to help. **